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    Goals | Glory | Whe...

    19 January 2017 , by TokyoGhost

    Rain Cafe is new, yes! but in my eyes it isn’t new nor will it be old. Some might say “HoooHoo Ho Hoooooo~~~ Everybody was kung fu fighting~~” No seriously the guy that said that is brilliant! Our goals for Rain Cafe can be considered as crazy dream, hey why not make it crazier? we want to control every game...

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    The storm approaches

    4 November 2016 , by D

    First of all, I would like to thank the team for this great opportunity which is going to define our future not as leaders of this community but as respective warmongers of the gaming community. I am happy to announce that Rain Cafe has been launched thanks to the efforts of TokyoGhost. Our community is solely based on gaming and...

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    We are open!

    16 October 2016 , by TokyoGhost

    Everything you need to know about us! Introduction, general info, FAQ, roadmap and more!

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