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In general…
Our community consists of various guilds and clans, united for one reason: Good atmosphere and complete enjoyment! We offer friendly, anexiety free gaming experience and treat each others as equals!

Brief history?
Around September 2016, group of WoW players that strived for mature, yet both enjoyable and efficient community met. In such spirit they decided to form their own, today known as Rain Cafe.
By end of January 2017, community grew to include ESO and BnS player guilds.

People’s interest arose about this idea, leading our community to thrive upon new horizonts…

How did the community name came to be?
For us, Rain represents beginning of a new cycle, rebirth and renewal. It reflects our inner emotions and desires. It also marks the beginning of a new period, where old becomes truly known and expressed, giving a new meaning to something.
As for Cafe, it is known as a place meant for friends to gather and spend time together.

By striving to bring the best possible feeling of the community, we decided that this name would be the most fitting.

Its hard to say what tomorrow could bring. Every day, a new players joins on our everyday adventures.

Nothing is certain, but we are determined to preserve this philosophy and spread it within sportsmanlike spirit…

© 2016 Rain Cafe