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Welcome to the tavern of Rain Cafe, an international gaming community!

This post is meant to serve as site map and general informer. For any other inquiry, please check about us page and/or our forums.

If you are reading this, you might wonder who are we? We are community that consists of various guilds and clans, united for one reason: Good atmosphere and complete enjoyment! We offer friendly, anexiety free gaming experience and treat each others as equals!

As of September 2016, group of WoW players that strived for mature, yet both enjoyable and efficient community met. In such spirit they decided to form their own, today known as Rain Cafe.

Frequently Asked Questions (WoW)

Within World of Warcraft, which side and server does guild reside on?
Alliance, Lightbringer/Mazrigos, EU.

How big is the guild?
Having too many people is as bad as having too few. We don’t plan to go higher than ~350 members(~700 in game characters), as we can get closer to each other this way easier.

What is inactivity limit within the guild?
5+ months of complete inactivity could result in temporary removal.

I wasn’t inactive, so why was I kicked out of the guild without any notice?
Any sort of political, national, racial or religious talk will result in permanent kick. Same goes with any kind of advertisement.

How did the guild name came to be?
For us, Rain represents beginning of a new cycle, rebirth and renewal. It reflects our inner emotions and desires. It also marks the beginning of a new period, where old becomes truly known and expressed, giving a new meaning to something.

As for Cafe, it is known as place meant for friends to gather and spend time together.
By striving to bring the best possible feeling of the game, we decided that this name would be the most fitting.

How can I invite my friend to the guild?
By talking to members ranked as Storm Keeper or above.

What are the ranks within guild?
Zeus – Absolute management and coordination.
Lord of Thunder – Same as Zeus.
Storm Keeper – Event coordinator and quality of life guardian.
Tempest – Honorary rank given to the most dedicated, kind and loved members.
Cloud – Standard member rank.

Does guild do raids?
Mostly LFR, while older raids are done in guild groups almost every weekend.

Where on blizzard forums can I find guild’s recruitment post?

Where can I get informed about guild’s upcoming activities?


Thank you for visiting us! Please come by again!

Happy adventuring!
-Rain Cafe Team

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