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Rain Cafe is new, yes! but in my eyes it isn’t new nor will it be old. Some might say “HoooHoo Ho Hoooooo~~~ Everybody was kung fu fighting~~” No seriously the guy that said that is brilliant!

Our goals for Rain Cafe can be considered as crazy dream, hey why not make it crazier? we want to control every game top rank and be considered as a gaming community where we are feared by many
ex. “Hey daddy look, it’s a rain cafe member, wow i wish i was in his place” the kid said to his dad.

Now for glory what i really mean? it’s to have as many achievements as possible, to have as many gold medals rather than silver medals, to have a rival whom fears us for what we worked hard for and what we achieved, we might be considered weak and have a 0.00001% chance of rising up but did you ever think that a number will keep us down? peasants? nobles? leaders? NO! we are going to work for minutes, hours, days, months and years, i will personally put each brick down and begin building this community, why do we care on numbers and whatever others say? we can make Rain Cafe be known as a number 1 community and for sure we will be the best.

We will start from 0 and help out other guilds, clans and groups to join us. We will provide help to everyone and expect nothing in return until we grow bigger in the future, No requirements are needed now nor any donations. Our goal is not money but honor and trust between everyone that joins us. Honor includes loyalty to your fellow brothers and sisters no matter what and betrayal will lead to destruction. Rain represents beginning of a new cycle, rebirth and renewal. It reflects our inner emotions and desires. It also marks the beginning of a new period, where old becomes truly known and expressed, giving a new meaning to something. As for Cafe, it is known as place meant for friends to gather and spend time together.

Rain Cafe – We try to cling on what we can’t reach but with hard-work and dedication we can cling on whatever is on the top to begin climbing to higher stages so once we reach the top we can prove our worth to everyone under us and create our history as Rain Cafe world best.

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